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PostHeaderIcon What to Do With Textbooks Once You’re Done with Them!

Textbooks are expensive. Without a doubt, they’re a huge draw on your finances as a student year after year, and there are few ways out there for you to recoup your money when the semester is over. But, fortunately, there are ways to make a few bucks on your old textbooks. Here are some of the best ones.

Amazon is a great place to sell your old texts, especially ones that are widely used. With Amazon, you can set up a seller account separate from the account you usually use to buy stuff, and you can list your textbooks as inventory on your account. Set the price (Amazon tells you the lowest price available in its system for each product), list the quantity you have available to sell, and you’re set! Amazon will notify you when your books sell, and all you’ll have to do is pop the book in the mail with an Amazon-provided packing slip.

This is one of the best avenues for book selling because it lets you set your price, and you are not restricted by buyers in your location.


This is a particularly good option if you have books you’re trying to sell that are university-specific. You can sell books like you can sell anything on Craigslist; it’s fast, easy, and you set the price. Of course, you’ll want to make sure you close the deal in a safe and public place.

Textbook Exchanges

One fairly obvious place to sell back books is at your university bookstore. While you might only get a small percentage of what you paid back, you can usually turn your refund bucks into store credits, taking money off your next (and inevitable) book purchase. Keep on the lookout for textbook exchanges that aren’t affiliated with university bookstores. They often market themselves was textbook exchanges, pop up around university buildings, but because they aren’t technically university-owned, they can offer better rates.

Sell Online

If you google “sell back textbooks online,” you’ll find tons of results. It’s important to shop around before selling, though, and make sure to read site buy-back policies. Some will offer better incentives like higher percentages back in exchange for store credit.

Use them as kindling.

Haley Coffman is a recent college grad at the age of 31. The road to her degree was a long and windy one, but she made it! She now enjoys working with eDegree, helping students navigate through their own college careers.

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