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PostHeaderIcon Top 5 Tips for Managing Android Devices in the Classroom


Textbook Professor

In the last couple of years, more and more children are getting familiar with the mobile phones and other handheld devices. They love to use different devices, whether it is for playing games or for studying purposes. Therefore, there is no surprise that they have got their way into the classroom.

However, there are many children, who have owned an Android operated device for their studying purpose and this is the reason why managing these devices in school is highly important. But do you know how to manage android devices in the classroom? In this post, you can find top 5 tips that will help you to manage your android devices in your classroom.

Check out How to Manage Your Android Phone or Tablet in Classroom

Android Devices Turn Classrooms into Smart Classrooms

Do you know what should be your step? First, you need to reorganize the classroom. You should substantially reshuffle desks to make sure that teachers can visually monitor how their students are interacting with their devices.

It would be helpful in eliminating abuse and create more organic class interaction. To be efficient, it is important for teachers to have software and security permissions in place at the time of managing android devices in the classroom.

Using the right tools, setup, and techniques, teachers, who have purchased IT materials, can keep an eye on each child like what is doing at any specific time. All this is easily possible digitally with android devices.

Moreover, teachers can also utilize different software for android that allows them complete control over the accessibility. They can also get an ability to remotely use other Android tablet management solutions from their own device.

Begin to Use Cloud & Embrace BYOD

As you know, a school owned IT materials are not updated on a daily basis and they can be quite expensive to maintain. Therefore, BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policy in class can help you and ensure modern equipment is being used, whereas maintenance costs for a school are constantly in check. In addition to this, schools can also make use of subscription-based cloud service and security solutions for more good and secure services.


There are lots of school teachers, who have shared that using android devices in the classroom has been a thrilling experience for them with the huge mobility. Now, teachers can go to another classroom, the library, teachers’ lounge, or home and can use it for email and take attendance and post grades.

In addition to this, teachers and students both can connect with each other from their home as well and discuss studies. Android devices have made it easy for teachers to observe students and model activities for them.

Create New Rules and Policies

To manage android devices in the classroom, children should learn about the pitfalls and dangers of being constantly online. Managing android devices constantly in the classroom should involve blocking applications and monitoring activity.

But what you can do is a lot of work in educating students on what is good and what can be harmful to them. You should think creatively like teaching children how to cross a digital street. In any case, if they can be made aware of pitfalls such as:

  • Privacy and how they need to take steps to protect it.
  • A harm cyberbullying can cause.
  • How malware can be harmful to devices and steal information

Apart from this, you can also teach students about the benefits of using their Android devices rightly:

  • Explain how to conduct online research in class.
  • Enable them to use private devices in a school environment.
  • Use right educational apps that help with studies and ease the process.
  • Letting temporary online rights as a reward for doing the good behavior.

Excel the Boundaries of School

The best thing about using android devices in the classroom is that these devices do not stop protection, monitoring, and nurturing of your students’ online activities at the school gates, but these devices give complete control through school management software and other digital solutions.

These solutions benefit parents at home, who can know about their children in real time what they are doing in the class and on the internet. Parents will also get regular feedbacks about their child like how he/she is performing in the class and what would be the important steps for parents to take.

So, these are some of the important tips to manage your android devices in the classroom. However, you can also get your own Android application that based on the education; you just need to discuss your requirements with any experienced android app development company that has experience in developing Android apps of varied categories.

PostHeaderIcon What to Do With Textbooks Once You’re Done with Them!

Textbooks are expensive. Without a doubt, they’re a huge draw on your finances as a student year after year, and there are few ways out there for you to recoup your money when the semester is over. But, fortunately, there are ways to make a few bucks on your old textbooks. Here are some of the best ones.

Amazon is a great place to sell your old texts, especially ones that are widely used. With Amazon, you can set up a seller account separate from the account you usually use to buy stuff, and you can list your textbooks as inventory on your account. Set the price (Amazon tells you the lowest price available in its system for each product), list the quantity you have available to sell, and you’re set! Amazon will notify you when your books sell, and all you’ll have to do is pop the book in the mail with an Amazon-provided packing slip.

This is one of the best avenues for book selling because it lets you set your price, and you are not restricted by buyers in your location.


This is a particularly good option if you have books you’re trying to sell that are university-specific. You can sell books like you can sell anything on Craigslist; it’s fast, easy, and you set the price. Of course, you’ll want to make sure you close the deal in a safe and public place.

Textbook Exchanges

One fairly obvious place to sell back books is at your university bookstore. While you might only get a small percentage of what you paid back, you can usually turn your refund bucks into store credits, taking money off your next (and inevitable) book purchase. Keep on the lookout for textbook exchanges that aren’t affiliated with university bookstores. They often market themselves was textbook exchanges, pop up around university buildings, but because they aren’t technically university-owned, they can offer better rates.

Sell Online

If you google “sell back textbooks online,” you’ll find tons of results. It’s important to shop around before selling, though, and make sure to read site buy-back policies. Some will offer better incentives like higher percentages back in exchange for store credit.

Use them as kindling.

Haley Coffman is a recent college grad at the age of 31. The road to her degree was a long and windy one, but she made it! She now enjoys working with eDegree, helping students navigate through their own college careers.

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PostHeaderIcon Rent Textbooks Online to Save Money

With the increasing of education costs, many students are facing tight budget for their college degree studies, especially the students who did not get a scholarship and have to fund their education fees with their own money. If you are one of these students, then rent your textbooks instead of buying them will help you financially.

Many students spend hundreds of dollars a semester on buying textbooks that are required by their courses, but after the semester end, they don't need the books anymore and these books will end up being sold back to the bookstore as the used books at a fraction of the original price.

One alternative to save the money uses to buy the brand new textbooks is simply rent the textbooks from any of textbooks renting service. Ever better, you can rent the book from online textbook renting websites easily from your computer and the books rented will be delivered to your door by mail. Most often, the rented books will be attached with the return labels, which enable you to send back the book with free shipping. Just in case you need to extend the renting period, you can make a request to extend 15 or 30 days added or another quarter/summer/semester period.

There are many textbooks rental programs offered online, which you can rent the textbooks required for your study. Here are the three common resources where you can find the required textbooks and rent them at a low price. If you still want to own them, you could also buy them at a fraction of the cost.

1. is one of the biggest internet textbook renting sites. You can find most of textbooks used at the colleges. The site contributes in forest saving activities; every book you rent from, they plant a tree through American Forests. You are allowed to highlight the important points at the rented textbooks, but you are prohibited from writing on the books.

2. has been recognized as the first and the best online book rental company. It provides a flexible rental period and hassle-free renting and return process, which can be done online with intuitive interface offer unparalleled convenience. They don't allow you to highlight or write on their books.

3. The School's Bookstore

Your school's bookstore may have textbook renting service. Check it out. The benefits of renting textbook from your school's bookstore are most of textbooks used by school can be found, you can instant get the book and you have a chance to check the condition of the books before renting them.


The expenses needed for buying textbook may involve a substantial portion of your education budget. One alternative to save same money from buying textbooks is simply rent them. You may not need the books after the semester end, but if you really want to keep the rented books for future reference, you can buy them at a fraction of cost.

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Amelia Turner, an educational article writer focusing on online education. Visit Amelia at to find out more details information and free resources about the Best College Degrees, financial aids and other accredited online education options that can help you to make decision to earn your degree online.

PostHeaderIcon Benefits Of Renting Textbooks

Textbook rentals are the “best short-term” ways to lower textbook costs. Their research found out that students using textbooks under rental services pay for as low as 0 – 0 dollars per year, unlike students purchasing new textbooks who pay an average of 0 – 0 each year. According to the PIRG data, more than 20 schools in the United States are already offering textbook rental programs, including The University of Wisconsin-Whitewater and Southern Illinois University.

Textbooks are versatile they have a long-lasting usage. You dont have to throw your textbooks away after using them for a semester, for example, since students from the next enrolling class can, technically, still use them. Aside from textbook rentals, used textbook selling is also gaining popularity in many schools. In fact, the used textbook market is considered as one of the most promising new types of market in the world.

College textbooks are expensive, yet acquiring them is not a problem anymore due to the fact that many ways of selling used textbooks have already been introduced. Such merchandise include textbook rentals and the selling of used textbooks. You can also sell your textbook online. Many larger schools, for example, have independent websites set up exclusively for this kind of trade.

With these facts stated, the largest benefit in renting textbooks is probably obvious to you now they help save money. An online review from the Associated Content about Cheggs services and textbook rentals in general even stated that the average savings in book rentals can reach up to 40% or even more.

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