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PostHeaderIcon Best Chemistry Tuition for You: Online or Offline?

When studying, people have different ways of learning things and different grasping capacities. A good tutor is the one who understands the quality of his student and teaches him/her accordingly. Chemistry is a subject that requires a nice amount of concentration and dedication towards learning to be understood properly. Chemistry tuition then is something you will require in order to understand your strengths and weaknesses and confront them willfully.

Chemistry combined Chemistry Physics tuition and maybe along with the other subject of your choice is recommended for everyone learning the subject.

Offline and online, there are many options available for the tuitions in chemistry and other science subjects and the choice depends on one's attitude towards the subject. If you're a quick learner and do not have much time to give in travelling and thinking about it, online tuitions are a way to go for you. They will not only be a good option, but big money savers too. For those who want to learn face to face and have much more interaction involved, offline tuition is definitely a better option.

If you go for online tuitions, you get many advantages like it generally gives you the freedom of time since the lectures are stored online and you can simply watch them as per your convenience. It is also recommended since you do not have to feel shy about anything and you can freely post your doubts and have them solved. With all this, it proves to be a money saver as compared to offline and provides a better insight through various web links where you can find more researched articles on the topic you want to learn.
Offline tuitions have the biggest advantage of interaction. If you want your doubts to be solved in front of you and you want a moral support along with the teacher's guidance over the topic, offline tuitions provide a decent way there. If they are nearby your place, the commute time is something that has not to be thought of, although it is not necessarily a time saver. You can still get all the free online lectures in case of doubt, so having offline tuition will prove to be an added advantage.
As said earlier, both have their own advantages and disadvantages too. Chemistry is a subject that has to be understood with deep learning and understanding and a good tutor definitely helps in that. If you go for combined chemistry physics tuitions, you get to learn physics along with chemistry and both subject have many similarities on the same time when they have amazing contrasting differences too. Learning them together definitely gives a deeper insight in sciences.

Once you decide what to opt, you can just relax and concentrate on learning and having fun with the subject as once you know how to enjoy learning, it becomes a very easy task and you do not feel exhausted after hours of it. It just proves to be another fruitful exercise that helps you learn greatly.

James Liao also known as The Educationist of Singapore, a MASTERS scholar from NTU, has been on the forefront of Singapore's education fabric for more than a decade. Through this period he has helped many students improve from F9 to A1 in Chemistry, Physics, A.Maths and E.Maths.

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PostHeaderIcon Preparing To Teach Overseas

Each year, more and more college graduates are choosing to pack their bags and head abroad.  While these excursions do give the individual a multitude of experiences, countless sights to explore and people to meet they are not all achieved in the name of vacation.  The number of college graduates who are opting to teach in an ESL environment overseas is increasing each year.  Teaching abroad is a great way of paying off that student loan, saving for your future and adding that extra umph to a resume to make it a standout.  But before that job can be set in stone and the boarding pass is handed over to the flight attendant a number of preliminary actions must be taken first. 

Prospective teachers will need to get their visa and passport in order, work out the logistics of keeping on top of their monthly bills while out of the country as well as brushing up on the local customs of their host country.  In addition to these, teachers will also need to pass an interview with their school.  Due to the discrepancies in time zones this usually be done in two or three ways.

The Types of Interviews

  • Physical Meeting

While this is pretty rare, there are circumstances where this will happen.  If the school holds a lot of authority overseas, they may have satellite locations throughout the United States where they can interview possible candidates for their overseas schools.  If this is the case for you, you will most likely be notified of a face to face interview pretty early on in the process.

  • Skype

Skype is becoming the preferred way for ESL schools to interview prospective candidates.  Once the school has received your resume and a few emails have been sent back and forth between yourself and the recruiter a request for a Skype interview will usually be made.  Keep in mind that     the person you will be speaking two is coming from a different time zone so these Skype phone calls can come in some pretty non-traditional times.  Make sure you are presentable (at least from the waist up) as most of these will be done over video.

  • Sample Lesson Plan

While not so much an independent interview process, submitting a sample lesson plan is usually  a standard supplement to an over the phone or in person interview.  If you don’t come from an educational background that’s okay, don’t panic.  There is a plethora of resources for you to take advantage of on the internet and in classrooms.  If you have the time, consider enrolling in a TEFL course, if not sites like Dave’s ESL Café have a number of forums from teachers who have gone before you that are just itching to share their advice with others.

Know the Lingo

Learning some of the terms and jargon of instruction can do wonders for your interview.  This can be as simple as replacing the word teaching with instruction to more advanced phrases like pedagogy, student retention rates and teaching styles such as kinesthetic, visual and auditory.  Knowing the rhetoric of the professions can impress the interviewer on the other end of the call and perhaps make you standout above the other people they talked to just before you.

Prepare Your Credentials

During the interview, the school will want to know what credentials you have that qualify for a position at their school.  While they will have a resume from you in front of them, they will want to hear you explain a little bit more about the circumstances that led you to achieving this degree or certification.  If you took a TEFL course, touch on some of the information you learned during the course and how what you learned during that time makes you a great candidate for their school.

Even if your degree wasn’t in a teaching related field you can still mold and mend some of the experiences you had in college to appeal to the interviewer.  Think of a time you gave presentation, a speech or had to assist a group of people in completing a specific task.  Don’t get discouraged about this either.  They’ve clearly seen that you don’t hold a degree in English yet there is something on your resume that makes you standout.  Let this empower your interview and come equipped with the proper tools to appeal to the interviewer.

Anticipate Questions

An essential part of delivering any great interview is preparing and anticipating questions that could come up during the conversation.  To do this, put yourself in the mind-frame of the school.  If you were an employer what sort of qualities would you look for in a prospective candidate?  What kind of questions would you ask someone in order to weed out the good from the bad?

Take out a piece of paper or even create a Word document.  Spend a little time to jot down some potential questions.  Once you have an ample list, start to formulate answers for these questions, that way when the time for the interview comes around you won’t be left with an unnecessary amount of “uhs” and, “uhms”.

Such questions could include:

  • How do you develop a good rapport with your students?
  • How would you choose to present material that could be tricky for an English as a second language student? ( Past participles, narrative structures, complicated vocabulary)
  • What strategies would you use to deal with troublesome classroom management issues?
  • How do you stay organized and on top of your work?
  • Give an example of when you thought outside of the box to accomplish a task.

Follow-Up Questions

After the interviewer as asked all the questions that they have prepared, they will usually turn the tables and ask if you have any questions for them.  This can be a great time to clear up any confusion you had on arrival logistics, airfare and any other questions related to your intended time in their country.  Be careful not to focus too much on the finance side of things as this could put a bad taste in their mouth.  Even if you don’t have any questions, it’s usually a good thing to have two or three inquiries to show the employer that you are interested in the position.  Jot a few of these down when you are formulating the previous questions.

After obtaining degrees in English Literature and English Secondary Education, Sean Lords packed up his bags and left to Seoul, South Korea where he lived for three years teaching English abroad. Sean has since returned to the States and is currently at work on his Master's degree.

PostHeaderIcon The evolution of education

The Evolution Of EducationFor the active education system it is necessary to have a check. This check is usually made by the department of education in all the states and countries. It is common everywhere because all the governments want to maintain the level of education in the society. How to evaluate the education? In fact, you can’t evaluate the education without seeing the levels. First of all, it is required to see why evaluation of education is required. On the bases of this information you can decide what should be evaluated. It has become very common for the people to information and details from the online sources. However, this method is only useful for the reading and information gaining. This will not help you to conduct an evaluation course. Focus on the given information.

What is the role of scientific works for this evaluation?

The role of scientific works is very obvious in this field. There are numerous ways to read and express the data of evaluation for the readers and viewers. For example, the education evaluation is mostly shown in essays and dissertations. The students who are looking forward to make the education evaluation as a topic for essay or dissertation writing should check options to get dissertation help. This will become very easy to determine the required elements and facts. Try to stay in neutral side. This is the most important part you have to play during education evaluation.

Materials you need for evaluation:

In most of the cases the education departments conduct such activities with the help of their employees. They use the government machinery for the collection of facts and figures. The government data collectors are given a special data sheet. This data sheet contains all required questions. The data collectors visit different schools, colleges and universities. These types of activities are usually conducted in public and private education centers. However, the evaluation of both the education sectors is done separately.

The private education evaluation:

No doubt, most of the private education institutes and centers have their own teaching systems but government has rights to check their efforts and activities. On the other hand the education facilities and features are also checked by the education department. This is done for the control over these private bodies. The basic purposes always remain for the benefits of public (students).

Evaluation of public education system:

It is a routine matter for the public departments. Government checks the available facilities and standards of public schools, colleges and universities. In case of any problem the concerning agencies and authorities take required actions in order to stabilize the systems. This is also done for the improvement and betterment of education systems in the country.

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PostHeaderIcon How to find a girlfriend in college?

Finding a good friend in college is a common need for all the students. Most of the students try to get the friends as soon as possible in order to make a routine time in college. This happens when students get admission in the college. The old students can make friends faster than usual because they know all about the seniors and juniors. If you are searching for the good students then a girlfriend should be your first preference. Why a girlfriend? In fact, the girls can take care of others in a better way. It is a natural fact present in the girls. If you are looking for a good girlfriend then college is the best place.

Usually, the essays are written for the academic completion. There are several steps in the colleges that students start first time in the life. New girls and boys find it very difficult. There are possibilities for the new students to get success in the colleges. For the boys it is a good chance to make the girlfriends. Female students always seek help in order to complete the academic assignments and tasks. Mostly, girls become confused when they are given assignments. In this way you can get the chance to make good girlfriends. How you can help the girls? In order to help the girls you can offer them assistance in essay writing.

As a matter of fact, there are ways to make the help. By using online essay writing services the students can get sympathy of girls. Don’t you know how to make the essays? Don’t be worried about it because in presence of online writing services there is no need to be worried about anything. Just contact with the girls and ask them to depend on you for the essay writing. On the other hand, you can deal with the online essay writing services in order to buy essay online at the same time. This suggestion will work for all the students who are trying to find a good girlfriend in the colleges.

Don’t wait for anyone and try your luck. In presence of professional writers you can use the given suggestion for your purposes. Remember, it will be a great pleasure for the girls to get something readymade. You are suggested to keep in touch with the girls in order to update them about the completion of essays. The essay writing services don’t charge higher prices. Because of this reason this method is the most economical way to make girlfriends. Nowadays, most of the students are using this service for the personal reasons. You are also recommended to check these useful and helpful services to find the best girlfriends in your colleges.

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PostHeaderIcon Pointers to Remember in Writing a Winning College Admission Essay

Writing a Winning College Admission EssayMost colleges and universities rate application essays as a very important part of the admission process. It this reason that only a few selected students can pass top universities’ admission as they tend to reject essays that are poorly written. If you are a college-bound student and wanting to get admitted to the University of your Dreams, it would be best to learn some tips and secrets on how to write an application essay. It must be the kind of a winning essay that could serve as a ticket to your college education. An exceptional essay should demonstrate your writing skills, reasons why you chose the university’s degree program and future plans upon graduation. However, your high school grades and college entrance test are also the things that would matter the most, so it is only imperative to work hard on them.

One of the foremost things to remember when writing an application essay is to avoid listing your previous activities and achievements. It is an essay that
you would be doing so there are colleges that provide their applicants enough space where to place all this information. The important thing is to tell your personal story that made you decide to undertake a degree of your own choice.
It is best to carefully select the details you will include in the essay. Those details should tell about your passion, personality and significant experience. For example, you can write in full narration about your previous difficulties
and the ways you took to overcome them. These details are far more substantial than a long list of your accomplishments, grades and test scores. A winning essay shall reveal your mature personality and depth as a growing person.

In order to capture the interest of the admission committee members, it is advisable to somehow use a touch of humor in your essay. It will lighten up your story, give a different angle about your personality, and could tell something about your witticism. Essays that are full of bad puns and unnecessary jokes often end up in the pile of rejected essays. And writing essays with a very serious tone may usually sound foolish rather than being wise and sharp. Remember that in any text, tone is a factor that could get the
interest and attention of the readers as it can help you deliver your emotions fluidly, and help your readers understand your message.

The content of your essay should reveal your character as a student and as a person. A lot of universities/colleges rate this criterion as extremely
significant in their decisions. You can tell about your character in three different ways like through an interview, the role you played in your previous involvements, and an essay. Among these places, the essay is the best way to have
a full explanation of your character through story-telling. It is also illuminating as you give yourself a chance to educate your readers about life and convince them that your personality and character fit the qualities they look for a college student.


Nicole McGrey is a teacher at Edinburg High School for 5 years and currently taking PHd at University of Illinois. Her writing includes few notes about Eric Schiffer.Follow her on Twitter @NicoleMcGrey