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PostHeaderIcon Chegg plants trees with book rentals

With the high cost of education, many students are turning to renting their textbooks. Chegg is the number one online textbook rental site, with thousands of books from which to choose.

Easy to Use & Fast Delivery at Chegg.comChegg’s rental process has an added, eco-friendly advantage. Chegg plants a tree each time someone rents books from their website. To date, Chegg has planted over 4,000 acres of trees, representing over 3,000,000 million trees. That’s equal to more than 50 acres of trees each week and over 3,300 football fields. The site also offers some basic tips for students to live a greener life. All trees ae planted through the American Forests Global ReLeaf® program. Founded in 1875, American Forests is the nation’s oldest non-profit citizens’ conservation organization.

The book rental process at Chegg is easy. Simply choose the textbooks that are needed and they’re shipped right to the purchaser’s door. Buyers can rent books for 60 days, a quarter or by semester. When the chosen time period is due, students return the books to Chegg. For those who purchased new books through other outlets, they can sell them to Chegg to recoup a portion of their original costs. The site even provides free quotes on books that students want to sell.

A free application for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch that can be downloaded from the website is also available. Students can find the appropriate textbooks by entering a search, or by scanning the barcode, and make their purchases through the app. Users can compare prices from Chegg and other retailers.

The site has books for classes that include such top sellers as business, science, psychology and history. There’s also a wide variety of books on additional topics such as sign language, microbiology, religion and family relationships.

The site offers a 30-day “any reason guarantee” on all textbooks. Anyone who isn’t satisfied with the books they purchase, or later discover they bought the wrong book, can return it to Chegg with no questions asked. If for any reason books arrive later than the agreed upon date, they’ll provide a full refund of the shipping costs. If for some reason the student isn’t happy with the quality of the book they receive, Chegg will immediately ship another copy. Every effort is made to include supplementary materials, such as workbooks, online access codes and CDs whenever possible.

Chegg offers students a cost effective and eco-friendly means of saving on the high cost of education. Homeschoolers can also participate. The site also provides enviornmental rewards through its tree-planting efforts with American Forests Global ReLeaf® program that benefits everyone.

For more information, visit the website at Fans can follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

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PostHeaderIcon can save you $500 a year on textbooks

Attending any institution of higher learning is expensive, but there is a way to take a bite out of your expenses simply by renting your textbooks instead of buying them. If you need textbooks and don’t want to pay exorbitant prices, there’s is the creation of founder Colin Barceloux. As a student, he became frustrated with the high cost of textbooks and a college bookstore that wouldn’t buy back books, even though they were just a few months old. He began to collect the unused books and sell them online. He felt that selling them in this was simply a form of rental, so he teamed up with two engineers and was born.

The website can save you up to $500 per year by renting the books you need instead of purchasing them. The site has over three million textbooks from which to choose, from business, cooking and parenting to photography and engineering and computers. You’ll also find used textbooks on such topics as special needs, history, veterinary medicine and law.

New textbooks present a significant financial investment for something you’ll only use a few months. At the end of the course, the chances of selling those books to the bookstore are slim. If you do manage to sell them back, you’ll only receive pennies on the dollar, even if they’re in excellent condition.

In many cases, the books you bought have decreased in value to absolute zero in a few short weeks. Sometimes they find their way to recycling centers, but they’re usually discarded and end up in landfills. Renting books is an environmentally sound solution to the problem of out of date textbooks.

Renting textbooks also provides sizeable savings to those being home schooled. Recommended textbooks are no less expensive for use in home schooling programs. In many instances, the savings on a single purchase can pay extra dividends if the book can be passed on to another in the community who is being home schooled.

Some textbooks are typically updated each year, and don’t lend themselves easily to resale, including math, science and chemistry. If you’re not worried that the information has changed significantly from the previous year, then used textbooks in those and similar disciplines could represent significant savings on your college costs.

Once you no longer need your textbooks, you can simply ship them back to at no cost to you. They’ll be inventoried and placed back on the market, providing a way for someone else to save on their textbooks.