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PostHeaderIcon Pointers to Remember in Writing a Winning College Admission Essay

Writing a Winning College Admission EssayMost colleges and universities rate application essays as a very important part of the admission process. It this reason that only a few selected students can pass top universities’ admission as they tend to reject essays that are poorly written. If you are a college-bound student and wanting to get admitted to the University of your Dreams, it would be best to learn some tips and secrets on how to write an application essay. It must be the kind of a winning essay that could serve as a ticket to your college education. An exceptional essay should demonstrate your writing skills, reasons why you chose the university’s degree program and future plans upon graduation. However, your high school grades and college entrance test are also the things that would matter the most, so it is only imperative to work hard on them.

One of the foremost things to remember when writing an application essay is to avoid listing your previous activities and achievements. It is an essay that
you would be doing so there are colleges that provide their applicants enough space where to place all this information. The important thing is to tell your personal story that made you decide to undertake a degree of your own choice.
It is best to carefully select the details you will include in the essay. Those details should tell about your passion, personality and significant experience. For example, you can write in full narration about your previous difficulties
and the ways you took to overcome them. These details are far more substantial than a long list of your accomplishments, grades and test scores. A winning essay shall reveal your mature personality and depth as a growing person.

In order to capture the interest of the admission committee members, it is advisable to somehow use a touch of humor in your essay. It will lighten up your story, give a different angle about your personality, and could tell something about your witticism. Essays that are full of bad puns and unnecessary jokes often end up in the pile of rejected essays. And writing essays with a very serious tone may usually sound foolish rather than being wise and sharp. Remember that in any text, tone is a factor that could get the
interest and attention of the readers as it can help you deliver your emotions fluidly, and help your readers understand your message.

The content of your essay should reveal your character as a student and as a person. A lot of universities/colleges rate this criterion as extremely
significant in their decisions. You can tell about your character in three different ways like through an interview, the role you played in your previous involvements, and an essay. Among these places, the essay is the best way to have
a full explanation of your character through story-telling. It is also illuminating as you give yourself a chance to educate your readers about life and convince them that your personality and character fit the qualities they look for a college student.


Nicole McGrey is a teacher at Edinburg High School for 5 years and currently taking PHd at University of Illinois. Her writing includes few notes about Eric Schiffer.Follow her on Twitter @NicoleMcGrey 

PostHeaderIcon Why study MBA programs in Cyprus

MBA ProgramStudents who opt for Bachelor of Business Administration courses often have their eyes set on jobs at the managerial
level. So, it’s no wonder that a majority of these students, after completing their bachelor level studies, look for institutes from where they can complete their Masters programs. Though there are many universities and private institutes that offer such courses, not all can boast of a balanced blend of text-based education and real life experience coupled with pocket friendly fees.

If you have already finished your bachelor’s degree in business, and are looking for quality MBA programs at pocket-friendly course fees, you can turn your focus on Cyprus. There are several universities
and business schools in Cyprus that offer full-time and part-time MBA programs . Depending on your choice of full-time programs, it can take you anywhere from one year to two years to complete the course.  The duration of part-time courses too can vary from 12/15 months to 3 years. Such courses often require candidates to have work experience of a few years to become eligible for admission.

Master’s programs with different specializations are available in Cyprus. While the core courses remain almost
similar across institutes and universities, the elective courses can vary alot. So, modules such as Risk & Insurance Management, Managing the SMEs, Marketing in Financial Services, Operations Management, Public Finance &
Public Policy, Project Management etc can be easily found while searching for elective courses. Whether someone wants to do MBA Marketing, or is eager to complete specialisation in HR or any other elective, they won’t have any dearth
of choices.

Both students and professionals are opting for these courses in an ever increasing number. While some entrepreneurs get admitted to these courses to acquire additional skills that would help them expand their existing business or start a new one, professionals from different educational backgrounds opt for them to make a career in management in the future. Managers and specialists, who are eager to either learn and hone additional capabilities to handle increased responsibility, or to change career direction, are also increasingly opting for such courses.

What makes such courses so popular is their combination of compulsory core courses along with non-compulsory elective
courses, coupled with the opportunity of simulation classes where students have to deal with real-life situations. The presence of expert faculties guiding the students and performing regular assessment, along with affordable fees and
financing options make these courses attract students from all over the world.   

I write on education/career building, avenues in education. Have been part of advisory committees across schools in South East Asia, India & Europe. I like staying abreast with what all is developing globally in the field of learning and science. I am a net enthusiast and I enjoy travelling.

PostHeaderIcon The benefits of performing arts schools

While school is all fun and games at break time, 30 minutes just isn't enough for kids to catch a breather, meet up with their friends and do what they want. This is why so many use extra-curricular activities to let off all the steam after a hard day's work.

If you think of extra-curricular activities like your own weekly rituals – perhaps playing sports or going shopping – you might get a clearer picture of what this could mean for your child over the course of a busy period. They need these activities to wear them out in order to fully concentrate at school. Otherwise they risk being caught up in school work for the full term.

All kids need something on the side and performing arts schools in the UK are arguably one of the best options. Lessons on dance, singing and acting allow the children to allocate their time to exactly what they're interested in. These schools also offer them a chance to build upon a set of skills and meet lots of new friends along the way.

Interested? Well take a look at some of the other benefits..

A chance to… build their fitness

All performing arts classes involve some form of physical activity. Especially dancing and acting, but also singing thanks to the performance element that sees them strutting their stuff. As a parent, you should always be looking to encourage your kids to get out of the house and burn off some of the energy pent up inside of them. If they're more than happy to do this through a performing arts class, you shouldn't stand in their way!

Dancing, singing, acting… whatever they're interested in. The arts will get them moving, get them thinking and give them a much needed break from school life. For that, you should be thankful.

A chance to… build confidence

Most kids tend to struggle with confidence at some point in their upbringing. Some try to stop themselves from coming out of their shell for risk of being embarrassed, even when there's little to be scared about. Well, as everyone's in the same boat, there's not a thing to fear in a performing arts class.

Lessons in dancing or singing allow the child to express their feelings, show emotions and showcase their talents. It's through developing their skills that they become more confident in themselves and this often carries across to other areas of life.

A chance to… meet friends

Performing arts schools also bring students with common interests together. Instead of feeling like outcasts discussing their hobbies with their acquaintances at school, children are encouraged to congregate with people who share their the same interests. After all, the key to these classes is communication.

It will help your children embrace life outside of school, meet a varied group of people from different backgrounds and find new friends to call upon when the birthday party invites are being prepared. Straying outside of their comfort zone to meet new people should also make it easier for them to do so later on, at high school, then university and in the workplace. A worthwhile investment of their time, therefore.

A chance to… learn something new

Your child is gaining all of the above whilst actually doing something constructive – and that's the best part. It's nice to see your kids have friends round to watch TV or play video games. They had to pluck up the courage to ask them over and even if it means talking about what's on a screen, they are at least communicating. However, little is being gained whilst they slump further down the sofa – which is far from the case at a performing arts school.

The point is that just because they don't go onto sell a million records or star in West End shows, it doesn't mean to say that learning how to sing or dance isn't worthwhile. Developing these skills allows children to realise that, with a bit of effort and drive, they can achieve what they want.

Perhaps by comfortably singing the lowest note in an octave or even learning how to perfect a routine – whatever it is, they're learning in some capacity and developing a useful skill. And that's showbiz!

Jace Quick has spent most of his time in learning the art of
dancing; Dancing he thinks is an art of expressing ones emotion,
feelings, anxiety and love. He is a teacher by profession and has
started writing on the experience of teaching others the art of
expression. The latest of his writings is singing and acting.

PostHeaderIcon 5 reasons to love college

Colleges are best places for the students. In life of students various places and stages come
in order to teach them different lessons. Colleges are always famous
because of the extraordinary routines and activities. No doubt,
schools and universities are also popular but colleges have a
recognizable status. In fact, colleges are the transitional stages
for the students. There students learn about the life ways and
habits. They also choose the career options and opportunities in
colleges by choosing major subjects.

In this article we have given some best reasons showing importance of the college life. For
the students there are numerous reasons to love colleges. We will try
to quote the 5 best reasons only in order to make the discussion very

First of all, the
colleges are places for the students where they learn about academic
freedom. In schools the students are treated in a strict manner. This
is done for the betterment and improvement but college life is always
interesting and free of tensions. The students who have passed school
stage should focus on college freedom they will get soon.

Second reason to love
colleges is the way of teaching. Yes, there will be a different
method and technique of teaching. Students will observe the teaching
protocols and tricks selected by the college teachers. In schools the
teachers use a punctual routine that continues for years but in
colleges the situation is really different. The syllabus and course
works keep changing in the colleges. The teachers select the teaching
materials and methods according to the course routines and works.

Third reason to love
colleges is the assignment preparation. The students are assigned to
complete different assignments and tasks in a limited period of time.
This makes the college life really interesting and outstanding for
the students. No doubt, the essays are written for the academic
evaluation but many students face various troubles when completing
the college essays. You can buy essay online without seeing or
facing any type of trouble. Just place your orders and get the
details in few minutes.

Fourth reason to love
colleges is the extracurricular activity. Now you are in college so
you should become ready for the activities apart from academic
activities. There will be multiple options to choose the fields where
you can do nonacademic programs and activities. Take care when taking
part in such activities.

Better way of learning is the fifth reason to love colleges. In colleges the students are
introduced with new methods and techniques. Because of this reason
the students become excited. We hope that this article will help you
to understand why college students always love their college life and
why they miss this life.

John Kravz is a representative of that provides excellent help on your writing assignments such an essays. 

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